Crab cakes, bites and stuffed crab’s
standard features

Crab stuffings’ standard features

Surimi cakes’ standard features

Surimi stuffings’ standard features

Options with a minimum order

Lagniappe Foods offers the finest quality and widest variety of crab cakes and crab products available –– anywhere! Only premium ingredients are selected. For our main ingredient, we use only blue claw crabmeat. Every pound is inspected for quality and shell content. The product is mixed and then portioned and formed by hand to preserve all the delicate pieces of crabmeat. You can taste and see the difference.

With our wide variety and versatility, you can choose a product that best suits your customer’s taste and price point. Select from the following three distinctive flavor profiles:

You may also choose a percentage and grade of crabmeat along with a portion size.

In addition, Lagniappe can produce custom crab products. We can manufacture items to your exact specifications or help you develop exciting new ones. There is a minimum order required for this service. All processing, from start to finish, is produced under strict HACCP quality standards.

Standard features

Options for salmon, cod and
crawfish cakes With a minimum order

This creole inspiration has lots of “heat” and crawfish meat. The crawfish tails are both chopped and left whole for a varied texture. They are then blended with mayonnaise, cream and a fiery sun dried tomato herb paste.

Standard features

Lagniappe takes the traditional recipe and adds a little something extra. With a choice of two cod cakes. One is made with “baccala” (salt cod) and the other with fresh cooked cod. The cod is blended with a roasted garlic mashed potato, cream, diced onion and a sprinkle of chives.

Standard features

Lagniappe offers two great salmon cakes. Both are made with the freshest Atlantic salmon available. To insure quality and consistency, we cook the salmon ourselves. The salmon is mixed with fresh mashed potato, butter, cream, herbs and spices. For our other variety, the salmon is blended with a mayonnaise, mustard, herb and spice mixture.

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