Lagniappe’s seafood salads deliver the same high-quality flavor and standards as our other value added seafood. Our salads are made daily, sold fresh and packed in 5 and 10lb.containers. Custom salads and packs are available with a minimum order.

Calamari salad: squid (tubes & tentacles), red vinegar peppers, red onion, black olives
   in vinaigrette.
Mussel salad: mussels with tricolor diced peppers, shallots and parsley in vinaigrette.
Scungilli salad: scungilli with roasted red
   peppers, celery and black olives in vinaigrette.
Frutti di Mare: calamari, scungilli and shrimp with celery, tricolor peppers in
Crawfish salad: crawfish meat, pureed sun dried tomatoes, scallion and creole
   seasoning in a mayonnaise dressing.
Lobster salad: lobster tail, claw and knuckle meat, celery and parsley in a mayonnaise dressing.

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