All four varieties of our sausages are madewith over 75% premium seafood: salmon, cod, shrimp andscallops. Now with more shrimp and scallops added to our original recipe, 42% of the seafood is shellfish. The balance is 29% Atlantic salmon and 29% cod. We use whole or largepieces of shrimp and scallops. The salmon and cod are handcut into cubes. Because nothing is ground, every slice contains a different piece of seafood and varies in appearance. All of our sausages contain pure olive oil, white wine, shallots and fresh parsley. The balance of ingredients added and the four varieties they create are listed below.

Italian: made with traditional sweet Italian seasonings:
  fennel seed, black pepper and salt.
Hot Italian: seasoned the same as above
   along with hot pepper seeds and paprika.
Mediterranean: a blend of fresh fine
    herbs together with leeks and chives.
Tuscan: sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts,
    basil and garlic.

These sausages are great grilled or pan fried on medium heat for approximately 8 minutes. Cooking times may vary. Serve alone as a unique appetizer or with your favorite pasta or risotto.

Standard features:
Seafood cooks in its’ own natural juices
100% raw, display alongside fresh fish on ice
Contains 50% less calories, 67% less fat
   and 60% less cholesterol than pork sausage
Frozen Options with a minimum order:
All natural and no preservatives
Bulk Sausage stuffing without the casing
Custom blends and packaging

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