House Recipes

Over the years we have created some very special recipes that our customers continue to come back for. We make and stock these on a regular basis so that our customers can order with flexibility. Check them out below!

Custom recipes

We our continuously working to satisfy changing tastes and trends of the industry. We enjoy working with your company to create a new product or specialty partial-ingredient that helps you meet the end consumers demand. Contact us about how we can meet your custom requirements. 

Seafood Cakes

Delicately made with generous amounts of seafood, our cakes come in a large variety of flavor profiles.

Seafood Burgers

Perfect on the grill or in a pan, our salmon and tuna burgers offer a tasty alternative to the usual Hamburger.

Seafood Sausage

Made from a thoughtful combination on shrimp, scallop, salmon and cod. they taste good

Prepared Fillets

Made from fresh fillets of flounder, salmon and tilapia, we offer prepared fish with delicate and appetizing flavors.

seafood salads

Made fresh with premium ingredients, perfect for an appetizer, as a side dish or light meal. they taste good

seafood stuffings

Our seafood stuffing can compliment a variety of both fish and meat dishes. We also make pre-stuffed products for your convenience.