In 1976, I moved from New Jersey to New Orleans in pursuit of great music and a good time. I became enamored of the culture, the lifestyle, the music and the attitude of “laissez le bon temps rouler” . As I immersed myself in life in New Orleans, I discovered extraordinary cooking and incredible seafood and I became a student of the cuisine. I shucked oysters and cooked for several years and eventually owned and operated an oyster and seafood bar in the famous jazz club called .… While I was there, I saw performances by … and …were regulars at my oyster bar. I was really thrilled with all elements of this life in New Orleans. It was more than I had expected and that is the true meaning of “lagniappe”.
I had found a creative outlet in cooking and creating recipes with a Louisiana flare. After years in this environment, I eventually made my way back to New Jersey and wanted to share my experience with family and friends. It was this experience that helped create Lagniappe Foods, a company dedicated to bringing these wonderful foods, and others, to you.
Since 1985, Lagniappe has been making value added seafood and distributing fine foods from Louisiana. Lagniappe, pronounced “lan-yap” is a word often used in Louisiana and in simple terms means “a little something extra.”